Nat’l Crayon Day-updated 04/15


(04/15/20)-This blog inspired my wife to pull out her colored pencils and color one of her coloring pad pictures. Way to go honey! (see end of blog)

I just found out that today, and every March 31st is National Crayon Day….who knew??!!

So with that I thought I would make some brief observations about crayons.

As a child I can remember the different size boxes of crayons, and how awesome it was to get the BIG box of Crayola crayons! If I remember correctly I think it had 96 crayons in it. It came with a crayon sharpener, and you would peel the paper on the crayon as it got shorter.

One time I remember my mother taking one of my coloring books and coloring in one of the pages. The colors and shading were awesome, and she drew crayon lines around the border of each color she was using. I remember thinking how great it looked when she was done and from that day forward I never drew outside of the lines, and always highlighted the borders of the image with the color I was using.

When Kate and I were newly married I remember coming home from work and Kate had some new coloring books and crayons on the living room table and I asked her if she purchased those for our nieces and nephews. To my surprise she meekly replied “no, I bought them for me.” And so I began to realize that sometimes adults like to reconnect with their childhood via coloring, and with my wife being a bit of an artist who works with different mediums I shouldn’t have been surprised in the least.

So how can we celebrate National Crayon Day during these unprecedented times? Well, if you’re working from home you could try taking notes with a crayon, or perhaps doodling with a crayon while tele-conferencing or watching a webinar. If you’re home schooling have the children select a picture from their coloring book and have them be creative with the colors they choose. Or perhaps with older children you could have them choose a picture from a magazine and see if they could do a crayon rendition of it.

52 Weeks of Crayon Ideas

The beauty of crayons is that they allow you to unleash your creative imagination and to go boldly where you’ve never gone before! Hmmm, does that sound familiar to anyone, perhaps you Star Trek fans?? Anyway, try to take a moment today and relive some of your childhood memories of coloring and of people who may have helped you color along the way.

And most importantly, do your best to use the WHOLE box of crayons, you might just surprise yourself!

Now, where did Kate put that box of crayons and coloring books??


(Kate inspired & relaxing)


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  1. Love this one! You should get the National Day calendar or bookmark their website. I used to write “Happy National _____ Day!” on the whiteboard for my students and they loved it! Some days there is only one thing and sometimes there could be five or more. It’s amazing how many things have a national day dedicated to them. Like “National Bathtub Party Day” for example. It’s a fun way to see that there’s something to celebrate each and every day.

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