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Hi everyone! This is my second post after not posting in months. I apologize for that, but the Wheeler’s have been dealing with some health issues not only with ourselves, but with Chloe as well. Now that everyone seems to be doing better, I can update you on Chloe, her condition, and her shenanigans!

At the end of October Chloe had a rough weekend as she fell twice going down our stairs. The second time she took Kate with her, luckily neither of them were hurt.

So we made an appointment with the vet, and upon further examination the vet recommended a series of x-rays and blood tests, which would require us to bring Chloe back the next day, as she had to be sedated for the x-rays. The vet was concerned about bone cancer, which is prevalent in Bernese Mountain Dogs, especially ones of Chloe’s age. You see, the average life span of a BMD ranges from 7 to 9 years. When all of this was happening Chloe had turned 10 the month before.

So the next day we dropped Chloe off for her tests and went to work, nervously awaiting to hear from the doctor. That afternoon the vet called to let me know that it wasn’t bone cancer but we would have to have a serious discussion regarding Chloe’s care and treatment moving forward, as she was suffering with severe hip & joint disease, as well as advanced arthritis. Upon arrival to pick Chloe up, the doctor reviewed the x-rays with us and said it was one of the worst cases she had ever seen and that this would be the reason that we would eventually have to put her down. When I asked the doctor how long she thought Chloe had she replied it was probably a matter of months.

Not wanting Chloe to suffer, we asked what our options were. The vet mentioned increased pain medicines, including a special shot that helps with the joints, as well as laser therapy. The laser therapy is sold in a package of 8 treatments, and the special shot is charged each time it is administered. Now, I’m not even going to address the cost of all of this, but I will tell you this, we have a Visa credit card and apparently we’re not afraid to use it when it comes to our Chloe! With that said, the shot was given, the laser treatment package was ordered and the first laser treatment was administered. Everyone who is in the room when Chloe receives her laser treatment is required to wear a special pair of goggles that shield your eyes in case you accidently look at the laser. The goggle requirement pertains to Chloe as well, and I must say, she handled it magnificently!


(Chloe prepped & ready for her 1st laser treatment)

It wasn’t long before we saw an improvement in Chloe’s movements and activity. Needless to say she has been receiving the royal treatment from both Kate and I, and we’re happy for each and every day that we have with her.

Due to Chloe’s difficulty with the stairs, when we’re not home we moved her gate from the upper level of the house to the lower level so we didn’t have to worry about her falling again. Just a little background, we have used that gate for years and Chloe has never moved or toppled it. A while ago she did figure out how to open the gate door, so we started placing a chair in front of the gate so she couldn’t do that. When we moved the gate downstairs we didn’t think we had to use the chair anymore as the stair tread blocked the gate door from opening too far.

Now, fast forward to a week ago Friday. I was working late and Kate had to run some errands, so as usual, Chloe was gated on the lower level with water and a snack to wait until one of us came home. Kate comes home, Chloe greets her as usual, Kate lets her out to do her business, and when they come back in Kate notices that the gate is moved slightly, but it doesn’t look as though Chloe could fit thru.

However, when Kate goes upstairs she finds a butter knife on the kitchen floor, and when she looks on the island top she notices that a stick of butter is missing. Chloe ate the butter as well as its wrapper! Usually that would be it, as we try not to leave too much of anything edible out, just for that reason. Imagine Kate’s shock when she goes into the living room to discover that Chloe found a box of liquor filled chocolates that I received as a gift. Not only did Chloe eat most of the chocolates, she also ate the foil that they were wrapped in, as well as the box that the chocolates were packaged in!!

Anyone who owns a dog knows that chocolate is very toxic for dogs, and normally Kate would have induced Chloe to vomit at home, but due to the fact that this was the first time Chloe has had alcohol, and with the pain meds that she’s on, Kate decided that an emergency vet visit was in order. So, she loads Chloe in the car, rushes to the vet’s office where they proceed to induce vomiting, and then give her something to settle her stomach. (Chloe, not Kate….lol). They send her home with orders that we keep an eye on her for a while, but they think she will be fine. And she was, except for the case of diarrhea that she had on the way home in Kate’s 6-week old car! Luckily Kate had the seat cover on, so the car wasn’t soiled, but still, quite the clean up none the less. When Chloe got into the house she went to bed as she was slightly hung over and needed to sleep it off!!


(Chloe in a state of hang over)

Just so you know, that little escapade cost Kate $289.00. And why am I sharing that with you? Now fast forward to Monday, where at the end of the day Kate baked 24 shortbread cookies. Kate had to run out to meet her sister for dinner, so this time she angled the gate AND placed a chair in front of that, which we had done the day before with great results, so not to worry.

Kate called me to let me know of the situation, and asked if I could, perhaps check on Chloe via video to make sure she was being good. So I hang up with Kate, check the home video only to find Chloe already upstairs, and what did she grab, but a bag with 24 shortbread cookies, made with imported Irish butter I might add!! I quickly call Kate back, who turns around and rushes home, but too late, all of the cookies were gone, and Chloe was quite happy. Kate cleans up the crumbs, places Chloe in the back seat of her car where she has to wait while Kate finishes dinner with her sister.

Come Tuesday morning Kate takes Chloe out so she can do her usual morning business. The problem began when Chloe only went #1 and not #2. When Kate brings her inside, for the first time ever, Chloe would not eat her breakfast, nor take any of her meds. For Chloe not to eat, which has never happened, she must really be sick. So I call the vet’s office and they give her a 10:30 AM appointment. The vet examines her, gives her some medicine, and then prescribes some more medicine for us to give to Chloe, as well as some special dietary restrictions, which included white rice. Have you tried to buy white rice during this pandemic? I’ll let you in on a little secret, there’s none to be had, the rice shelves were bare and our local Chinese restaurant was closed! With all that Chloe has been ingesting of late the vet is now worried about pancreatitis! So back to keeping a close watch of her, but to be honest, by the next morning she was feeling as chipper as ever. Well, except for that case of severe diarrhea later that day while at work. Luckily I had her outside, but she got it all over her leg, hind end and tail, so I had quite the clean up before I could bring her into the office.

So, just another Chloe story, all the while looking as innocent as ever. Oh, and that second vet visit cost us another $229.00, so over $500.00 in four days! I can tell you this, Chloe has not been a cheap date from day one and it doesn’t look like she’s going to be a cheap date on her way out. She is however the center of our household and we can’t imagine a day without her. With that said, I think I’ll see if she would like one of her prescription treats! Oh, did I neglect to tell you that she’s on prescription dog food as well?! The vet calls her “our delicate flower”. I think that’s vet slang for “revenue stream”!


(Apparently not pleased with her new orthopedic bed)


(Chloe mug shot while behind bars)

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a cacophony of great doggie adventure and anxiety. Bless her, Chloe sounds like a wonderful and mischievous girl. Shortbread cookies have disappeared from our kitchen too, but funny enough our pooch Linc always claims innocence 🙂 Really enjoyed reading your post, I wish you and Chloe as much love and time as is possible in the months – hopefully years, ahead.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and I’m glad that you enjoyed the post! It sounds like Linc & Chloe might be kindred spirits…lol! Chloe has given us many years of joy and happiness and we’re looking forward to however much time she still has in her.


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