Embrace the Change

With the change of Administrations in America I thought I would take a lighter view at how I should prepare for such a change –

Trade in my high-powered sports car for a Prius.

Change out some of my red clothes for more blue.

Go from an Android phone to an iPhone.

Install solar panels on my roof & a wind turbine at my business

Convert all of the light bulbs in my house to LED.

Cancel my subscription to Men’s Journal and start reading Rolling Stone.

Stop watching Fox and start watching CNN.

Change from a Windows laptop to an Apple Mac

Listen to less talk radio and more music.

Change my focus at the gym from weight lifting to yoga classes.

Consider a rescue dog instead of a pure-breed, or perhaps even get a cat.

Start eating more organic foods.

Switch from coffee to Chia tea

Buy a water filter instead of bottled water

Reassess my gender status…………..or not.

Stop learning Russian and start learning Chinese.

However, the one thing that isn’t changing is that the U.S. flag is still red, white AND blue!

COVID-19 Shelter in Place Tasks


Things to do while in quarantine when you’re an OCD person –

Count your rolls of toilet paper

Clean the dust from your refrigerator coils

Clean the crumb tray on your toaster

Clean under the gas burners on the stove

Make those stainless steel appliances shine

Count your rolls of toilet paper

Vacuum the bottom of cupboard drawers

Wipe down the kitchen cupboards

Have all food labels face forward

Count your rolls of toilet paper

Empty a closet, discard old items

Change out your seasonal clothes

Clean out & organize your desk drawers

Count your rolls of toilet paper

Make new playlists for your car’s flash drive

Clean out the car’s console & glove box

Count your rolls of toilet paper

Stock the beverage refrigerator

Have an adult beverage (or two)

Give your spouse a kiss

Wait for it……………….

STOP counting that damn toilet paper!

I hope I made you smile during this difficult time for us all. May you stay safe & healthy, and may this all be behind us soon!

Please feel free to comment with any suggestions for additional tasks that may keep our minds focused on something more positive! (and more fun!)