Life is a matter of Perspective

I recently came across the below graphic and it reminded me that how we approach life is a matter of one’s perspective –

As we look back at this difficult time in our history, let us be thankful for the fact that for many of us even though it has been a tough time, it has not been an impossible time. Most of us have lived to fight another day, and though we miss the many we have lost, we will never forget them and we were blessed to have them for the time that we did. Hopefully we were able to make someone’s life better during this time, and by doing so, perhaps we made our lives a little better too.

How fortunate are those individuals who have had pets during this time, and how fortunate those pets are that were able to spend extra time with their families. Thank you John Fenwick for giving us such an inspirational perspective on 2020, which has carried on thru 2021.

As always, thank you for reading. Looking forward to the day when this pandemic will be behind us. In the meantime, stay safe, and stay well.

To Chloe, where ever you are –

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Living a common life with my exceptionally uncommon wife, who was the girl next door, and is the love of my life.

6 thoughts on “Life is a matter of Perspective”

  1. Chloe is still by your side. You just can’t see her anymore. She will also forever be in your hearts.

    Thank you for sharing this different perspective. It was a nice reminder to stay focused on the positive and always look for the silver lining!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words Meghan~Honey. I always enjoy seeing how different people view similar situations. And I find it interesting to try to understand how people develop their perspectives, my own included!


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