So, are we there yet?

You know, I’ve tried to keep this blog site about favorite quotes, life experiences and relationships. The last thing we need is another political perspective, but here I am, breaking my own rules for the second time.

During campaigns I watch both political parties to see what they have to offer. The big thing this past campaign season was the promise of unity, particularly coming from now President-elect Biden. Well, here we are, a true moment of crisis, when, even though he’s not President yet, he could step in and act as the adult and stop all of this heated rhetoric coming from Congress, which is only inflaming the situation more. I remember two specific things that he said during the campaign – one, that he would be a unifying President, a President for all of the people, and two, that he was the head of the Democrat party.

So, Mr. President-elect Biden here’s your chance to show who’s in control, to show true leadership. I had hoped that you would do so, and I’m still hoping, but instead you have deferred to Congress while you focus on other matters. Well, in my humble opinion this is kind of important. It’s your first real test of whether you will be a President who at least tries to unite this country, or you’re just another politician that says nice things to get elected, and then once elected acts otherwise. We don’t need another politician at the moment, we need a leader, someone who will act decisively and with compassion. I’m hoping that leader is you.

The country is at a fever pitch, and I have never seen such political hate in my lifetime, along with so much disinformation and lack of contextual meaning. I know it’s a terrible way to have to begin your time in office, but it’s your Gerald Ford moment. I’m sure President Ford wasn’t happy about circumstances surrounding his start in office, but history has judged him kindly for being the President who started the healing process for the nation when he could have just as easily exacerbated it. I know he didn’t make a popular decision, and a very difficult one at the time, but he stepped up to the plate and he did it, and the country was better for it. Obviously this is your call, and either way, you will still be President on January 20th, so congratulations on that.

Here are some of my suggestions for ALL of our politicians involved in this current situation (not that I think any of them will heed my advice) –

Let’s not be selective in our condemnation of violence. I have spent the summer watching our cities being looted, burned, and people being murdered, and hardly a word from many of our politicians. Violence is violence, and it’s just as horrifying for someone who has a loved one slain, or for the small business owner watching their small business & livelihood being destroyed as it is watching the Capitol being attacked. All violence should be condemned, and all perpetrators of such should be charged accordingly.

Let’s not call police racist one day, and then call them heroes when YOU need them. The family of the slain Capitol police officer has asked that his death not be politicized, and I respect them for that. And they certainly have my sympathy and prayers, which I offer to all LEO’s hurt or killed in the line of duty.

I have always used the criteria for judging the political parties, that if it’s ok for one party, then it’s ok for the other. What is fair for one is fair for the other. What I’m seeing in current events is gravely concerning. Censorship has no place in America, and yet it’s happening, and with the blessing of Liberals. I would never advocate for censorship for any U.S. political party or ideology. I think history has shown us that it never ends well for anyone. I would much rather know up front where someone stands, as opposed to having them conniving in the shadows. Censorship belongs to such countries as China or Russia, never to the United States of America. Oh wait, those country’s leaders and political parties have yet to be censored in the U.S.

And to all of my family members who have at times found it necessary to meet my views with vitriol, please try to remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and if you think less of me for it, then so be it. I do not base my relationships on some political litmus test. Though I must admit, in the current environment I could easily be convinced to do so, and there is the problem, how easy it is to fall prey for such nonsense. I am however always open to thoughtful, and yes sometimes spirited political conversation, not in the hopes of changing minds, but to increase each other’s awareness, understanding, and acceptance.

So, I ask President-elect Biden, and ALL of our politicians, what does the future hold for the citizens of America? Will we be the United States of America, or will we continue our downward spiral and become the Fractured States of America? I know what our foreign adversaries are hoping for, how about we dash those hopes and start moving forward? We can’t change the past, only learn from it. We have to deal with the present while planning for the future.

Oh, I almost forgot, my title for this article posed as a question, “So, are we there yet?” I’m asking whether we’ve hit rock bottom yet, or do we still have a ways to go? So, America, are we there yet???

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my post, and I promise, no more politics here, as I think we all are at the saturation point on this topic. Looking forward to getting back to more thoughtful, if not mundane, topics. Besides, I might be censored before long! Lord have mercy!

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