Foreword-Mom’s Eulogy


I wasn’t sure if I was going to post my mother’s eulogy, but after thinking it over for a few days I decided to do it. Primarily for the reason that I received quite a bit of positive feedback regarding her and my holiday post, but also because not everyone could make her service and wished they had heard my words about her.

What I have published is the exact eulogy as I delivered it, unvarnished and written with minimal editing. My objective was to capture my mother’s spirit while also giving her friends & family some laughs thru their tears.

I was told that I accomplished my goal, and if you never met my mother, I hope by reading her eulogy you will get a sense of the woman that she was. I can assure you of this, my mother never needed a #metoo movement to be branded a strong woman, she just came by it naturally, and unapologetically.

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2 thoughts on “Foreword-Mom’s Eulogy”

  1. Loved and miss your Mom. My Dad, your Moms little brother, always spoke dearly of her- his “Marty” 💕 The last pictures of them together at her 80th Birthday party showed me so many similarities- laughs, expressions, character similarities I never noticed… 💕💕 To lose them both so close together broke my heart, but I have chosen to cherish and hold the memories close 💕💕💕

    Love to all of you 💗

    Elaine 😘


    1. Kate & I noticed the same similarities at the party as well! We think of you often as we all struggle with losing both of your parents along with my mother in such a short time. I have so many fond memories of time spent with your parents, and they were so good to me over the years. Memories of them will always bring a smile to my face and warmth to my heart.

      Love to all of you as well!!


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